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Mark Pollock has personal injury damages claim against friends upheld

Adventurer Mark Pollock, who was left paralysed after falling through the upstairs window of his friends house, is in line for multi-million-pound compensation after a judge has upheld his personal injury claim against Enda and Madeline Cahill.

The 39-year-old Commonwealth Games medal winner, who was the first blind man to reach the South Pole, was staying with the couple in their London home in 2010 when he fell through an open window, suffering catastrophic spinal injuries.

His legal team, led by Mr Christopher Wilson-Smith QC, blamed Mr and Mrs Cahill at London’s High Court, saying the window should never have been left open.

Mr Justice Davis ruled that the open window created an obvious risk for a blind person, particularly on...

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Etihad sued after man claims he suffered back injury avoiding contact with obese man

A man is suing an airline, claiming he got a back injury after being forced to sit next to an obese man who coughed a lot.

James Andres Bassos has taken Etihad Airways to court in Queensland saying he was forced to twist and contort his body for long periods on a 2011 flight from Sydney to Dubai.

Mr Bassos' District Court claim states the 'grossly overweight' passenger was spilling into his seat, was coughing frequently and had fluid coming from his mouth.

After five hours he asked to be moved but airline staff had allegedly refused.

Half an hour later, Mr Bassos complained again and he was moved to a crew seat.

However, he had to return to his seat next...

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Cow attack, injury, the latest in animal accidents

A 12-year-old girl suffered serious injuries when she fell from a trailer after being attacked by a cow in rural Te Awamutu on Sunday - the latest in more than 4000 incidents where people were hurt by cattle in the last year. A St John spokeswoman said crews attended the incident about 11am and the girl was flown to Waikato Hospital in a serious condition. A spokesperson for the Waikato Westpac Rescue helicopter said the girl and her mother were moving stock, when one of the cows reacted adversely causing the girl to fall onto the tow-bar of a trailer that was attached to the farm-quad being ride by her mother. She suffered neck and back injuries and the helicopter was dispatched due to the possibility...
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Mark Pollock is suing his friends after falling out a window at their home

A blind man is suing his close friends after he fell out of a window at their home while trying to find the bathroom.Mark Pollock, 39, from Dublin, has been left in a wheelchair after suffering a ‘catastrophic spinal injury’ as a result of the 25ft fall onto a patio.Mr Pollock, who is the first blind man to ever reach the south pole and is a Commonwealth Games silver medallist, is now taking legal action against Enda and Madeline Cahill for leaving the window open on the second floor of their home in Henley-on-Thames.
Source: Mark Pollock is suing his friends after falling out a window at their home | Metro News...
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The older the tractor, the more likely the #accident

Most road accidents involving tractors in seven European countries involved vehicles older than 12 years, according to statistical analysis by the EU-wide machinery association CEMA Some 56% of all road accidents with tractors resulting in injury (and 69% of all road accidents with fatal injuries) happen with tractors which have been in use for more than 12 years, the European Committee of Associations of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery (CEMA) has found. "By contrast, the average risk of becoming involved in an on-road accident appears to be considerably lower for new machines. Considering, in addition, that new tractors are, on average, used a lot more intensely than older equipment, the effective on-road accident risk for tractors which have been in use for less than 13 years...
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Google’s self-driving car is involved in its first injury-causing accident

Google says one of its self-driving car prototypes has been involved in an injury-causing accident for the first time.
In the collision, a Lexus SUV that the tech giant had outfitted with sensors and cameras was rear-ended in Google’s home city of Mountain View, California, where more than 20 prototypes have been self-manoeuvring through traffic. The three Google employees on board complained of minor whiplash, were checked out in hospital and cleared to go back to work following the July 1 collision, Google said. The driver of the other car also complained of neck and back pain.
Source: Google's self-driving car is involved in its first injury-causing accident - but it was a human's fault!...
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Damien Duff wants to make Rovers debut against St Pat’s in #Tallaght

Damien Duff signs for Shamrock Rovers
Damien Duff wants to make his Shamrock Rovers debut on August 7 – against the club he rejected.The Republic of Ireland legend is targeting the Dublin derby with St Pat’s Athletic at Tallaght Stadium.And Mirror Sport can reveal how Duff set his heart on Rovers as far back as June 8 when, alone, he disguised himself among the Hoops singing section in the East Stand for the 4-1 Monday night win over Derry.
Duff is still coming back from the ankle ligament injury that prematurely ended his spell with Melbourne City in February.But he will train with his new team-mates this morning having signed an 18-month deal.Duff said: “I’m not just here to see out my time as a...
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12-year-old who almost died in freak accident is reunited with those who saved her

Alanna Casement ripped an artery when she landed on top of the bike and the handlebar gouged into her leg.The 12-year-old suffered massive blood loss in the aftermath of the crash on a wooded trail in Castlewellan Forest Park in Co Down, Northern Ireland, last July.
Without the response of her friend’s dad Raymond Rice, local police officers, paramedics and the crew of a police helicopter who flew her to hospital, doctors believe Alanna may not have survived. One year on, the schoolgirl said thanks to all those involved at a special event in Belfast to acknowledge the efforts of those who gave first aid. The pupil also got to take another trip in the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) helicopter – though in much...
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Man’s wife had amnesia after a car accident so he’s going to marry her all over again.

Last August, this lovely couple got married in Hungry Mother State Park, Virginia. They paid for it all, took pictures, and went on their honeymoon. Then a traumatic car accident erased the bride's memory of the whole event, even the fact that she was married in the first place. Almost one year later, her husband Jeremy decided she deserved to remember her own wedding. The thing about weddings, though: they're expensive. So he started a GoFundMe page, explaining the situation: While I was working, my wife was traveling just down the road to her aunt's house and to meet me when I got off work when it happened. She was yielding to oncoming traffic to turn left on a side road when she...
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Fireworks accident injures nine at Colorado Independence Day show

Officials said nine people suffered minor burns during an accident at an Independence Day holiday fireworks show in Colorado on Friday night.
Virginia Egger, the town manager in Avon, said a malfunction caused a fireworks shell to explode in its tube rather than firing into the sky. She said the misfired shell caused a rack of shells to tip, causing two or three to go off towards the crowd.
The accident occurred about 17 minutes into the 23-minute fireworks show over Nottingham Lake, bringing the event to a halt. The annual event attracts about 20,000 people.
One audience member, Jane Imber, told NBC News that there wasn’t a lot of room in between groups of people, so people could not get up and run.
The cause of...
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