We help our clients find practical tailored solutions to their needs or problems. We are very proud of the fact that so many of our new clients come to us from referrals from existing clients who were very happy with our ability to satisfy their legal needs in the area of Personal Injury and Personal Injury Claims.

We work with you to provide you with a legal service to keep you fully informed with simplicity, clarity and transparency to all your legal dealings in the area of Conveyancing.

It is important that you make a Will so you place yourself in a position to provide for the distribution of your property by means of a clear legal document which will take effect when you die. Your Will may be the most important document you ever have to sign. Read More...

There are many complicated issues in relation to Family Law, negotiated and resolved in the separation/divorce process.

We focus on reaching solutions that work for you and your family by identifying what is important to you.

Wills & Probate

Enduring Powers of Attorney


Personal Care Representative Applications

We are experts in Employment Law. All areas covered including Employer, Equality, Working Hours, Exemptions, Holidays, Maternity Leave, Adoptive Leave, Parental Leave, Force Majeure Laeve, Part-time Employees, Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act 1996, Terms of Employment, Redundancy, Dismisal & Health & Safety.

You need clear advice about medical negligence claims. If you have suffered from medical negligence, speak to us about your entitlement to claim compensation.

Commercial litigation is more specific than Business Law which includes the drafting of contracts and business agreements.

Are you trying to recover a debt from a Debtor? We offer a complete Debt Collection solution for SME's and large corporate clients in Ireland.