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What is a Solicitor?


  1. A person who tries to obtain business orders, advertising, etc.; a canvasser.
  2. The chief law officer of a city, town, or government department.
Sean O'Brien - O'Brien Ronayne Solicitors TallaghtSean O'Brien is the founder and partnet of a team of solicitors in Tallaght; but what exactly is a solicitor, what do they do and how can they help you? Despite most Irish towns having at least one firm of solicitors, many people are unclear as to why we're here and what we can offer. You'll also hear us referred to as lawyers and there are two types of lawyer: solicitors and barristers. A barrister is a legal professional who represents you in court....
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National Children’s Hospital

Tallaght Hospital, is a vital resource to not only the community of Tallaght, but the greater Dublin community. On occasion we are asked to visit the hospital to prepare wills for gravely ill patients or swear documentation for sick people who cannot attend the local solicitor, we are happy to provide the service. Each time I visit the hospital I'm impressed by the care, professionalism and optimism of the staff who no doubt are working under increasingly difficult circumstances. If we are to have a new National Children's Hospital, and I believe that this will happen, surely the Tallaght Hospital site proposal should be considered....
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