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£100k spent on compensation for school personal injury accidents

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="275"]personal injury claims personal injury claims[/caption] (From East London and West Essex Guardian Series)

Nearly £100,000 was paid by Redbridge Council in compensation for accidents and injuries in schools, new figures show.

In the past five years, the authority received 61 personal injury claims, acccording to a freedom of information discolusre to the Employment Law Advisory Service (ELAS).

The claims relate to children, staff, parents, visitors and contractors.


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Dealing with divorce: book about best practices

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="336"]Dealing with Divorce Dealing with Divorce[/caption]

Renee Bauer has served as a family law practitioner for 10 years supporting struggling couples with the process of divorce.

The local resident said that with so much inaccurate material available about the subject, she thought it would be fitting to combine her knowledge of the business and her passion for writing to produce a book that will properly address someone’s needs.

Bauer’s recently...

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Roadside device will test drivers for drugs

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"]Garda saliva test for drug drivers Garda saliva test for drug drivers[/caption] Tenders will issue early next year for a new roadside device to test motorists for illegal drugs and medicines that can impair driving, Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar has said. The devices will test a driver’s saliva and if the sample taken is positive for the presence of either the driver will be brought to a Garda Station where a blood sample will be taken for analysis. Drug driving has been relatively under-detected to date, in part because it is more challenging to test for than alcohol. This is because multiple substances are being tested for and because the quantities consumed, and available for detection,...
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Crash victims can still claim compensation

Victims need only to prove that the person against whom they are bringing their claim was at least partly to blame for the accident. They don’t have to prove that the other motorist was driving so badly that they committed a road traffic offence." Mr Ryan, who has more than 20 years’ experience representing injured victims of road traffic accidents, said it was rare for the other driver to be prosecuted but this did not mean that they were not wholly or partly to blame for the accident. "A conviction against the other driver for a motoring offence can, of course, help a claimant but the lack of conviction does not absolve the other driver from blame," he said. "What matters is whether...
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LGBT parents worried about legal recognition

A survey commissioned by LGBT Diversity has found that the primary concern for LGBT parents was the potential for interference with the custody rights of a non-biological parent. The survey of 153 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents found that the vast majority experienced acceptance from family, friends and workmates. However, nearly half also experienced discrimination and negative attitudes in their parenting roles over the last five years. Some of the greatest difficulties arose for lesbians in accessing Assisted Human Reproduction services and for all LGBT parents in accessing adoption and fostering services. But overall, experience with health and education services was more positive than negative. Full article via LGBT parents worried about legal recognition - RTÉ News....
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Religion Leads to More Divorce, Study Finds

A new study found that divorce rates are significantly higher in conservative states, and lower in liberal ones—and that religion is the main factor of the difference.

“Red States, Blue States, and Divorce: Understanding Regional Variation in Divorce Rates,” due for publication in the American Journal of Sociology, found that that conservative Alabama and Arkansas have close to the highest divorce rates (13 per 1000 people per year), while more liberal New Jersey and Massachusetts have some of the lowest (6 or 7 per 1000 people per year). Why...

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Dumped wife gets revenge with musical about divorce

Dumped wife gets revenge with musical about divorce | New York Post

The Sharks and the Jets have nothing on these exes. Hot-shot Broadway producer Tony Ponturo’s “Bronx Bombers” opens Feb. 6, but ex-wife Ruthe isn’t pining away for him from the Upper East Side duplex they once shared. She has a show of her own, “Til Divorce Do Us Part,” which begins previews the very next day. “He’s probably surprised that I’m able to pull it off,” according to ­Ruthe, 64, who said she hasn’t spoken to Tony in more than a year. “I was never the one who had to raise money or anything.” In 2011, Tony, 61, dumped her ­after 34 years of marriage for auburn-locked knockout Fran Kirmser, 42, his leggy producing partner. “He was very...
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British may lose billions

British nuclear operators are likely to be sued for billions of pounds by the Irish government and Irish victims of any radioactive damage they cause under legal changes to be introduced this year. Dublin officials have long reported about the potential impact of the UK's civil nuclear programme close to the Irish shores, with specific focus on the safety record of Sellafield. The Cumbria site is located less than 100 miles from Ireland's east coast. It is known that Ireland itself produces no nuclear energy. However the Greenpeace has warned that the dumping of the reprocessing plant's liquid waste has made the Irish Sea among the most contaminated waters in the world. Irish fishermen have caught unsalable mutated fish. They also claim to have been exposed to low-level radiation. Ireland's government and environmental...
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Divorce Monday: Today is the day

The first Monday of the new year has earned the nickname from ­legal experts as it is the most popular day to file for divorce.Marital strains come to a head over the festive season as people spend a lot of time together and problems are highlighted.It leads to a deluge of calls to ­solicitors when the children go back to school, which coincides with the first day back to work for many people, according to the website DivorceDepot. read original article on Divorce Monday: Today is the day via Divorce Monday: Today is the day when couples call it quits | UK | News | Daily Express....
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Daughter wants to divorce after only 6 months

Question: Hello Dr. Scott. So, our daughter has been married less than six months and is already considering a divorce from her husband because she feels like she made the wrong choice. I am wondering how to advise her because we like our son-in-law and feel like he’s a good match for her. On the other hand, our daughter has always been pretty smart, and if she feels like it’s not right for her, we have to respect that feeling. I was divorced, and this is also the second marriage for my husband. We know how difficult divorce can be. This is something I’m sure my daughter knows nothing about. What if divorce would be the mistake and not the marriage? It’s just terrible to me to think that she...
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