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Conor McGregor set to appear in New York court on June 15th

Conor McGregor made headlines in April for his alleged role in the infamous UFC 223 bus attack in Brooklyn. He stunned the UFC world when he reportedly interrupted a press event at Barclays Center ahead of UFC 223, leaving many wondering about his future and forcing the UFC to cancel three fights after Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg were injured in the melee. There was a lot that happened in a short amount of time, but we have recapped the details leading up to his second court appearance. When is McGregor due in court next? He is due in Brooklyn Criminal Court in New York on Friday June 15. What has he been charged with? McGregor has been charged with three counts of misdemeanour assault and one count of felony criminal mischief. How much was McGregor's bail? McGregor posted $50,000 bail...
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Three accusers confront Bill Cosby in court

Three accusers confronted comedian Bill Cosby in court yesterday - with one calling him a "serial rapist" and another asking him through her tears: "You remember, don't you, Mr Cosby?" The women's charged rhetoric prompted several mistrial requests from Cosby's lawyers - which were denied - as prosecutors built their case that Cosby was one of Hollywood's biggest predators long before he met Andrea Constand, the chief accuser in his sexual assault retrial. Now well into middle age, the accusers spoke of entering Cosby's orbit as starstruck young women seeking career help or, in the case of a casino bartender from Reno, Nevada, simply looking for a fun time. All of them testified they ended up unconscious from the pills or alcohol he gave them, unable to say no or resist as he...
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Oscar Pistorius appeal dismissed by South African court

Olympian Oscar Pistorius has finally run out of options to appeal against his 13-year prison sentence for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, legal experts have said. South Africa's highest court dismissed Pistorius's request to review the prison sentence on Monday, bringing a close to a five-year legal saga surrounding the man who was once one of the world's most celebrated athletes. "There is nothing they can do," said Pierre de Vos, a constitutional law expert at the University of Cape Town. Source: Breaking News...
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Rio Tinto to pay injured worker a record $2 million compensation

Mining giant Rio Tinto has been hit with an unprecedented $1.3 million payout order for an injured mine-worker it unlawfully stood down just days after he won a damages claim against the company. The compensation, which comes on top of the $638,000 in damages, represents the highest amount awarded for an employer's breach of the Fair Work Act. It follows what the mining union says is a 'David and Goliath' battle spanning three years. Rio Tinto subsidiary Hail Creek Coal stood down Michael Haylett at the Queensland mine in November 2013, four days after the company was ordered to pay him damages for negligence that contributed to a spinal injury he suffered in 2009. The company argued Mr Haylett was unfit for work despite him having worked...
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We are at debt risk because Germany hasn’t learnt its lesson

We are at risk because Germany hasn’t learnt its lesson | David McWilliams

Contrary to the popular myth, Hitler was voted into power in Germany because of deflation, not inflation. Hitler was elected in 1932, following three years of deflation – the consequence of restrictive polices after the great crash in 1929. In contrast, inflation – often quoted as being responsible for Hitler’s victory – peaked in Germany in 1923. This was a full decade before the Nazis democratically entered the Reichstag.

The reason the European elite is now panicked about deflation in the Eurozone is because the political implications of deflation are impossible to...

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Discovery to make documentary on Sherpas killed on Everest

Following the mountain's deadliest disaster, many Sherpas have started descending from Everest Base Camp in a walkout, forcing companies to cancel their planned expeditions. The walkout is certain to disrupt a climbing season that was already marked by grief following Friday's disaster. Sherpa guides were hauling climbing gear between camps when a chunk of ice tore loose and triggered an avalanche. 'It gives us a sense of responsibility because we are there and have the resources and wherewithal to tell the story,' she said. 'We want to have the right tribute.' Ogwyn said in an interview on Tuesday that while he agreed with the decision to end his project, he hopes to jump off Everest sometime in the future. Sherpa teams were preparing the climb for several expeditions,...
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Finding of Captain’s Fault Could Bear On SeaStreak Crash Injury Claims

A National Transportation Safety Board finding that captain error caused the Jan. 9, 2013, crash of the SeaStreak Wall Street commuter ferry could impact the ongoing litigation by injured passengers seeking recovery. The NTSB found, after a 15-month investigation, that the captain lost control of the vessel and that the risk of accident was heightened by SeaStreak's lack of a safety management system. The high-speed ferry was carrying about 330 people from Atlantic Highlands, N.J., when it hit Pier 11 at the foot of Wall Street. Passengers were flung about by the impact, with some sent tumbling down stairs and into walls. The NTSB report, adopted at an April 8 meeting, was eagerly awaited by ferry owner SeaStreak LLC and by lawyers representing the 46 passengers who...
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Personal accident insurance for riders: what it is and why you need it

The high profile falls of eventers Laura Collett and Harry Meade — who suffered serious injuries last year, but didn’t have personal accident cover — have raised awareness of the need for riders to protect themselves in case of an accident. What is personal accident insurance? While insuring our horses is high on our priority lists, riders often leave themselves completely uncovered.  Personal accident insurance will cover you for loss of income if an injury stops you from working temporarily, and provide a lump sum if you are permanently disabled or die in a riding accident. The type of things covered include loss of eyesight, loss of limbs, permanent disablement and death. Why should you have it? Personal cover is not just an issue for professional riders —...
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3 Ridiculous But Legitimate Personal Injury Claims

dont-leave-accident-sceneWe’ve all heard the one about the lady that sued McDonald’s after spilling hot coffee all over herself back in 1992. But hers is far from the most ridiculous case brought to court over the past few decades. Stella Liebeck’s coffee case was, in fact, much more serious than the public gave her credit for. Other lawsuits follow this pattern—outlandish on the surface but with actual legitimacy once you get past the initial skepticism. Here are a few from recent history. The Oreo Case In May of 2003, Stephen L. Joseph filed a suit against Kraft Foods in an attempt to get Oreos banned in California. The reason? Oreos contain trans fats, which have been linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Joseph argued that...
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