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We are at debt risk because Germany hasn’t learnt its lesson

We are at risk because Germany hasn’t learnt its lesson | David McWilliams

Contrary to the popular myth, Hitler was voted into power in Germany because of deflation, not inflation. Hitler was elected in 1932, following three years of deflation – the consequence of restrictive polices after the great crash in 1929. In contrast, inflation – often quoted as being responsible for Hitler’s victory – peaked in Germany in 1923. This was a full decade before the Nazis democratically entered the Reichstag.

The reason the European elite is now panicked about deflation in the Eurozone is because the political implications of deflation are impossible to...

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Greek crisis could happen by accident

‘Grexit’ could happen by accident - WSJ

 Since the eurozone’s inception, its survival has rested on a paradox. On the one hand, the stability of the single currency hinges on the market’s faith in its irreversibility. It was to restore this faith that European Central Bank President Mario Draghi promised in 2012 to do “whatever it takes” to keep the bloc together. On the other hand, the stability of the eurozone also requires that the possibility of an exit from the euro is real, if only as a way of enforcing discipline among members, particularly those facing financial difficulties.

The current greek crisis in Greece is testing this paradox to the limit. No one wants Greece to leave...

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Divergence on Surrogacy at CJEU

On Thursday 26 September, the Court of Justice of the European Union "CJEU" released legal opinions on two recent cases regarding leave entitlements for women who had children via a surrogate mother. Both women argued that they had equal rights to women who actually gave birth. The rulings are the first time the Court has issued an opinion on whether the right to receive maternity leave under the EU Pregnant Workers Directive 1992 extends to mothers who have had a baby via a surrogacy. In Z v A Government Department and the Board of Management of a Community School C-363/12, Ms Z applied to her school for adoptive leave but was refused paid leave of absence since there is no express provision in Irish legislation for leave arising from the birth...
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