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‘I’ll see you in court’ – Legal action threatened in Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy drama

The WAG has also reportedly told Coleen: ‘Believe me or I’ll see you in court’. This is just the latest measure taken by Rebekah Vardy to protest her innocence. Victoria Derbyshire reported that she has instructed lawyers to do a ‘forensic investigation’ on her Instagram account to see who has had access to it and when. Rebekah had initially claimed that she is not the only person who has access to her Instagram account and suggested that someone else was responsible for leaking Coleen’s personal stories to The Sun. She also claimed that she tried talking to Coleen Rooney but she might as well be talking to a ‘pigeon’. No, not a wall. A pigeon. Read story at source
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Lecturer unfairly dismissed by Trinity College Dublin awarded €7.5k

A leading figure in Ireland’s Muslim community has been awarded €7,500 by the Labour Court after it ruled he has been unfairly dismissed by Trinity College Dublin from his role as a part-time lecturer in Arabic.

Ali Selim, who is also spokesperson for the Islamic Cultural Centre in Clonskeagh, had appealed the level of compensation awarded by the Workplace Relations Commission in an earlier unfair dismissal action he had taken.

Dr Selim had sought reinstatement to his formal role or alternatively the maximum award of two years’ salary which would amount to in excess of €18,000.

The WRC had awarded him €4,000 after finding that he had been unfairly dismissed by Trinity.

At a Labour Court...

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Palestinian politician to pursue defamation case against Facebook in Irish High Court

Palestinian politician plans to pursue a defamation case against Facebook in the High Court in Dublin.

Mohammed Dahlan, who once served as an adviser to Yasser Arafat, has turned the focus of the case to Ireland after ending legal proceedings in the High Court in London on Monday.

Dahlan took legal action against the British-based publication Middle East Eye over an article which he claims made a number of false allegations about him. 

Dahlan is a well-known political figure in the Middle East and previously served as a key leader of political party Fatah, formerly the Palestinian National Liberation Movement, in Gaza.

His lawyers told they “discontinued the action” in London “because our client was satisfied with...

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‘Being assaulted at work left me with a brain injury’

Just because you can’t see their condition, it doesn’t meant they aren’t dealing with a whole range of symptoms every day. Our weekly series speaks to a different person with a different condition every week to see what it’s like to live with an illness or disability that you can’t see. This week, we’re talking to Donna Siggers, 47, from Southminster, Essex, who suffered a brain injury in 2014 after she was brutally assaulted while at work. She was punched in the head six times, and the back of her head was slammed against a wall. It has caused a range of conditions including seizures, double vision, constant head pain, memory loss, vertigo, complex post traumatic stress disorder and claustrophobia. Initially, she thought she was fine. She went...

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Senator Paudie Coffey settles High Court action over a newspaper article

The article arose from a statement from fellow FG TD John Paul Phelan on the boundary issue of South Kilkenny. After the jury was discharged, the case was put back into the list to fix dates while the issue of the costs of the 13-day trial was to be dealt with separately.When this costs matter came before Mr Justice Bernard Barton on Wednesday last, Richard Kean SC, for Mr Coffey, told the judge he was “very relieved and pleased to say the entire matter is resolved” and as part of the resolution a statement was to be read out by Rossa Fanning SC on behalf of the defendants.

In a statement, Senator Coffey’s solicitor Georgina Robinson said: “Senator Coffey took this case to protect...

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Louise Redknapp ran red light due to ‘divorce trauma’

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Louise Redknapp has been fined £666 for driving her Land Rover through a red light but told the court it was due to the stress of her divorce.

The singer admitted driving through the red signal in Swandon Way, at the junction with Wandsworth Bridge, in south-west London at around 9.34am on November 2 last year.#AD

Rebecca Penfold, defending Louise Redknapp, told Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday that the singer had expressed ‘full remorse’ and takes full responsibility.

The barrister said at the time of the incident, Redknapp was going through the ‘trauma’ of a divorce and had paparazzi following her on a daily basis.

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Katy Perry copied hit song, court rules

A US court has ruled that Katy Perry has copied her 2013 song 'Dark Horse' from a Christian rap song.

'Dark Horse' is one of Perry's biggest hits, boasting a healthy 2.6 BILLION views on YouTube, but the court has decided that it is too similar to a song called 'Joyful Noise' by a Christian rap group called Flame.

'Joyful Noise' was released in 2011

According to the BBC, during the trial, Katy's team described the beat of both songs as "commonplace", arguing that because of that, Flame could not claim copyright.

"They're trying to own basic building blocks of music, the alphabet of music that should be available to...

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Pat Kenny to help fund High Court bid to block Bulloch Harbour development

Broadcaster, Pat Kenny has confirmed he is to provide financial support to a local residents' initiative in Dalkey seeking to challenge in the High Court a decision giving planning permission to a mixed-use development for Bulloch Harbour. In recent days, householders around Dalkey have received a newsletter along with an insert asking residents to contribute to a fund-raising initiative aimed at raising sufficient funds to launch a High Court judicial review of June's An Bord Pleanála ruling. In an interview, Dalkey resident Mr Kenny said that he intends to make “a good donation” to the fund-raising effort by the Bullock Harbour Preservation Association. He said: “Everyone should google those videos and see for themselves.” Source: Breaking News...
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Harry Styles to testify in court against alleged stalker

Harry Styles has found that out in recent times, as he claims that a man has been stalking him by sleeping outside his London house and putting notes through his letterbox.

The former One Direction singer has alleged that Spanish man Pablo Tarazaga-Orero has been stalking him for two months and has also made unwanted approaches to him on the street, according to The Sun. Police have arrested him - but as he denies the charge of stalking, it means that Styles will have to give evidence in court during his trial.

The alleged stalker appeared in court yesterday, with the charge sheet claiming that he had “pursued a course of conduct which amounted to the stalking of Harry Styles”.

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ex-Air Corps mechanic’s case alleging exposure to dangerous chemicals

The State must disclose a range of documents to a former aircraft mechanic in the Air Corps who is suing it over his alleged exposure on dates during the 1990s to dangerous chemicals, the Supreme Court has ruled.

In his personal injury proceedings, yet to be heard, Gavin Tobin also alleges he was, on one occasion during the 1990s, subject to “tubbing” - doused with chemicals by other Air Corps personnel.

He is among several former mechanics suing over alleged exposure to dangerous chemicals and solvents during their employment.

Today, a five-judge Supreme Court gave a unanimous judgment overturning a Court of Appeal (COA) decision that Mr Tobin’s discovery application was premature.

The Supreme Court disagreed...

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