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Donegal man to make it up the aisle after accident

A Donegal man paralysed by a freak accident is going ahead with his wedding next month after refusing to postpone his big day, despite still being confined to hospital. Alan Patterson was paralysed ten months ago after an accident on a trampoline. The hockey player, who played with Instonians in Belfast, dislocated his spine and was in intensive care for weeks. The Killygordon man has been in hospital since and a series of fundraising events have been held for him in Donegal and in Northern Ireland. The 27-year-old is getting married to his fiancée Hilary Bradshaw in Armagh on June 10th but Alan is determined to get himself out of the Belfast hospital he is in after his wedding and in an unusual step Alan has advertised...
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Family of crash victim takes case against council over road surface

The family of a young woman who died after her car veered on to the wrong side of the road and into the path of a cement truck, has alleged that her death arose from alleged negligence and failures to ensure the road was safe. Ashling Gallagher was killed instantly in the collision at Murrivaugh, Mulranny, Co Mayo, on December 22nd, 2004. Her mother Kathleen Gallagher, Askill, Bunnacurry, Achill Island, Co Mayo, has, on behalf of the family, sued Mayo County Council along with companies involved in works on the N59 Newport to Mulrany Road at that time. The case is due to open in the High Court next Tuesday before Mr Justice Bernard Barton. Ashling Gallagher was killed instantly when her Volkswagen Caddy van veered on to the wrong side of the road...
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Solider awarded €80,000 damages for parachute-jump injury

A soldier who was in the Army Ranger unit when he dislocated his ankle in his first parachute jump has been awarded €80,000 damages by the High Court. Mr Justice Bernard Barton said Cpl Gerard Kirby is a career solider who considers the Army to be his life and whose disappointment at being unable to serve as a front line soldier due to his injuries was to be taken into account in assessing damages. Cpl Kirby is now stationed in Cork in a different section of the Defence Forces. He fractured his ankle and later needed surgery when he injured it in his first parachute jump at the Curragh Camp while training in July 2010. He sued the Minister for Defence, Ireland and the Attorney General. Liability was denied. In his judgement, Mr Justice Barton...
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Bull attack leaves three people injured

Three people have been injured following a bull attack in a Co. Clare mart, the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has confirmed. The attack reportedly took place yesterday, May 25, in Ennis Mart. Three people are believed to have been injured during the incident, which took place in the loading/unloading area of the mart. One person was taken to University Hospital Limerick on account of their injuries.
It is believed the bull involved in the attack was brought away to be slaughtered after the incident.
Source: Agriland...
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Neil Jordan settles court action over fall in front of Dublin Bus

Irish film director Neil Jordan has settled his High Court action over a fall in front of a Dublin Bus in the city centre. Dublin Bus and one of its drivers had both denied liability over the incident, which involved no contact between the bus and Mr Jordan. No details of the settlement, reached after day-long talks between the sides, were disclosed. The 67-year-old director, of Sorrento Terrace, Dalkey, Co Dublin, sued over the incident at Dawson Street on April 19th, 2013. Mr Jordan, who had had cruciate ligament surgery the previous week and was using a walking stick, was attempting to cross the pedestrian crossing at the top of Dawson Street. He said he had a pedestrian light which was green so he walked across the road. He claimed, as he approached the other side...
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Modern technology can help with your personal injury claim

If you have ever been involved in an accident or received an injury because of negligence, you will know how difficult it can be to get the justice you deserve. Any claim for injury must have enough evidence for the court to rule in your favor, but obtaining that evidence can sometimes be difficult.With technology always moving forward, there are now more ways than ever to help you get the valuable evidence to help you in any injury claim.

Mobile Phone

Our mobile phones are getting ever more sophisticated, it now has the capability to do everything a laptop or PC can do, and a few things they cannot. Some smartphones even outperform larger devices. It is probably the thing most people are carrying around with them all the time, so it...
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Parents await ruling on taking son to US for treatment

A couple who want to take their sick baby son to the US for treatment are waiting for a ruling on the latest stage of a legal battle after asking Court of Appeal judges not to take away the "only remaining hope". Chris Gard and Connie Yates want nine-month-old Charlie Gard, who suffers from a rare genetic condition and has brain damage, to undergo a therapy trial.Specialists at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, where Charlie is being cared for, are against any attempt at therapy in the USA and say life-support treatment should stop. Last month, a High Court judge ruled against a trip to America and in favour of Great Ormond Street doctors. Full story at source:
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Cases of scaldings on Ryanair flights every month

Every month there is an incident of a passenger being scalded on Ryanair flights, the Circuit Civil Court was told on Wednesday.

Cabin attendant Irene Haygir told Judge Jacqueline Linnane that there was no doubt but that Gráinne Dunworth had been scalded on a flight from Prague to Dublin in January last year.

Ms Dunworth (27), of Kilmihill, Ballingarry, Co Limerick, said she had been returning with friends from a trip to Prague and had asked a cabin attendant for a cup of tea. She alleged that when it had been placed on the table before her, the lid had not been properly secured and had fallen off when she lifted the cup.

She told her barrister Peter Clein...

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Bob Geldof and former Boomtown Rats bandmate in court over greatest hit credit

bob Geldoff Bob Geldof has demanded that one of his former Boomtown Rats bandmates put his house on the line, as they've become embroiled in a royalty battle in court. The battle is over their greatest hit, I Don't Like Mondays, which is credited to Bob alone, however - the band's former pianist Johnnie Fingers has claimed that he co-wrote the hit. Johnnie, real name John Moylett, has insisted that he contributed the piano intro and lyrics "Down, down, shoot it all down", and claimed that Bob pressured him into not seeking a song writing credit after promising him a share. Therefore, the pianist is seeking a part of the royalties from the song, which was released in 1979. Source: Goss...
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€35k court award costs over €2m in legal fees 

He found Nualtra had infringed NutriMedical’s trademark in relation to the nutritional supplement drink Nutriplete. The drink is only sold to medical professionals and not directly to the consumer. Nualtra marketed its drink under the name Nutraplen with very similar visual and aural marks and with a limited conceptual similarity, the judge found. Nualtra renamed and rebranded the product after the legal proceedings began. The chief executive of Nualtra told the court it had never occurred to him to give an undertaking to NutriMedical not to use Nutriplen which could have obviated the need for litigation, said the judge. Nualtra said the cost to it of just defending the proceedings amounted to €1.3m. If it has to pay Nutrimedical’s costs, this will be over €2m, said the judge. Source:...
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