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EastEnders actor hails son’s ‘miraculous’ run after car accident

He told the Press Association: “He got hit by a car back in September, the London Air Ambulance came out to him and put him in an induced coma for two days, a five-hour op to rebuild his pelvis. “He was in a wheelchair for eight weeks had to learn to walk again which he did really quickly, then he had to run which he did really really quickly, then he went back to doing his gymnastics and all his tumbling really, really quickly. “It has been pretty miraculous and then he goes and runs this in four hours and 24 minutes. “It was brilliant. I haven’t seen him yet I’m trying to find him, he’s been texting saying ‘where are you?’.” Despite the father and son setting...
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‘Fighting’ has become my mission in life since my son’s catastrophic accident

The truth is that the “fight for life” has become my mission in life since our son Pádraig’s accident in 2013, when he was hit by a truck trying to overtake him with oncoming traffic, as he was cycling to work on Cape Cod. He was spending the summer there on a J1. Lack of staff and resources On September 2 2008, the Irish Times reported that the NRH got the “green light for 235-bed facility” with the new building to be completed by 2012. Fast forward 9 years to earlier this week, when the issue of bed closures in the existing National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH), and the fact that the new building was never built, was raised (again) in the papers and on Morning Ireland. The NRH,...
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New Prince album hit with legal challenge 

The collection of unreleased material, titled Deliverance, comprises newly-discovered studio recordings from 2006 to 2008 and was due to be available on Friday (21Apr17). The Sign o' the Times hitmaker co-wrote and co-produced the songs with George Ian Boxill, who was his mixing and recording engineer for five years from 2004. In the year since Prince's death, Boxill has completed the arrangements on the tracks, finishing the production and mixing the songs. However, the planned release of the EP has been hit with a lawsuit as Prince's estate and Paisley Park have filed a federal lawsuit against the sound engineer for control of the Deliverance tracks, according to The lawsuit estimates the value of the new songs at more than $75,000 (£58,400). Boxill is accused...
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BMW Soft Close Doors Lawsuit Dismissed by Judge

The judge said that humans have been slamming their fingers in doors since doors were invented and the doors on BMW's vehicles are no exception. Plaintiffs Avi Azoulai, Kamil Cirak, and Reem Haidary and/or their family members suffered injuries humans are all too familiar with by having doors close on their fingers. But rather than seeking to recover for their injuries, the plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit based on consumer fraud, alleging the BMW soft close automatic feature is defective because it does not have sensors to detect fingers in the car doors before activating and that BMW unlawfully failed to disclose the alleged defect. The lawsuit names the following allegedly defective vehicles:
  • 2002–2015 BMW 7 Series (excluding G11/G12 models)
  • 2004–2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe and Convertible
  • ...
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Limerick steelworker’s life changed forever after near fatal workplace accident

A LIMERICK steelworker has been awarded €675,116 at the High Court for serious multiple and near fatal injuries sustained in a workplace accident.

On August 9, 2012, John Gardiner was employed as a galvanising steel operator at Shannonside Galvanising at its factory premises at Drombanna. As part of his work, he was required to move a jig from a dryer and, using a gantry crane, he moved the jig to the dipping kettle. While carrying out this activity, suddenly and without warning, the jig became detached from one of the hooks on the crane. The jig then struck Mr Gardiner. The Limerick steelworker was forced into a barrier and became was pinned between it and the jig. As a result, John Gardiner suffered near fatal injuries, some of...
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Mel B explains why she was forced to pull out of X Factor

Mel B has explained in court documents why she was forced to pull out of The X Factor finale in 2014 - and claims she used her return to the programme to send a message to estranged husband Stephen Belafonte. The Spice Girls singer, 41, made headlines when she dropped out of the Saturday night show, saying at the time she’d been ill for days and was following doctors’ orders. In a statement delivered to Los Angeles Superior Court, the popstar claims she took an overdose of Aspirin. Belafonte, 41, has claimed someone's trying to paint him as a "bad guy." Source: Mel B explains ...
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Children may not be covered for sports injuries

Professor Jack Anderson, of Queen’s University Belfast, who specialises in sports law, said the vast majority of parents do not realise they may have to pay the medical bills. He cited a recent survey by the HSE that one in three attending one of its minor injury units in 2016 — some 33,000 cases — presented with an injury suffered playing sport. “To be fair, leading sports bodies provide overall cover, in terms of injury benefit or compulsory group schemes, but there are understandable restrictions on these, in terms of the type of club membership you have, when and where the injury occurs, the gravity of the injury, and the extent of payouts,” Prof Anderson said. Some clubs have benefit funds and may incorrectly believe that this,...
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