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Teen suing Virgin Australia after suffering genital burns

A teenager is suing Virgin Australia after suffering horrific burns to his genitals on board a 15-hour flight. Rhett Butler, 15, claims a 'faulty tray' caused piping hot coffee to pour onto his lap leaving him with 'blisters that looked like jellyfish' on his private parts. He also alleges the flight crew did not give him adequate care to treat his injury. The teenager claims he was left in agony after the incident 40 minutes into a 15-hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney to May 3, 2015. Full story at source: Teen suing Virgin Australia ...
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Back injuries are among the most common in the horticulture industry 

Many owners and managers of horticultural businesses treat their workers' compensation policies like other types of insurance: it’s often out of sight and out of mind. However, also like most coverage plans, workers' compensation is an important consideration for any company and demands more attention than it may receive. Specific laws and regulations vary by state, but many state governments require coverage for wage replacement or other accommodations in the event of an employee injury that leaves them unable to work at their full ability. Bill Brandl, director of workers’ compensation claims with Sentry Insurance, says the basic goal of workers’ compensation is to provide medical benefits and/or wage replacement as needed by state requirements. “What that means, ultimately, is that when someone’s injured and they go to...
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Lawsuit launched over skull fracture from fall off bouncy ship

A business and social services agency are facing legal action after a boy was seriously injured while paying on an inflatable pirate ship at a Halloween party last year. According to a statement of claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court in Prince George, the boy, whose age was not provided, was "bounced into the air by another child" and landed on his head on a cement floor about eight feet below. He suffered a skull fracture, traumatic brain injury, loss of hearing and bleeding out of his right ear, bruising under his right eye, injuries to both his arms and tailbone as well as cuts and scrapes, and he continues to suffer from the injuries. The incident occurred Oct. 30, 2015 at the Family Fun Centre, located...
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Stuntman sues actor Tom Sizemore after on-set car accident

Steve De Castro was working on the rebooted TV series Shooter when he was involved in the accident, according to a lawsuit filed on Friday (28Oct16) in Los Angeles.
He alleges Sizemore was drunk when he hit him with a vehicle on 6 July (16), and said in legal documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter that the 54-year-old actor drank alcohol despite knowing he would be behind the wheel of a car. De Castro's attorney Lawrence Grassini says the Saving Private Ryan star's actions were "wilful, vile and done in conscious disregard for safety". The stuntman doesn't yet know the extent of his injuries, but is suing Sizemore, Viacom and Paramount for claims including negligence, battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Source: Stuntman sues...
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