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Six-year-old girl sued over Austria skiing accident

A six-year-old girl is being sued for €38,000 (£25,000) in Austria for causing a skiing accident.
An adult woman is taking legal action against the child over a collision on the ski slopes which she claims left her with serious injuries.
It appears the highly unusual case was brought after the courts dismissed an earlier attempt to sue the adult who was supervising the child at the time of the accident.
A judge will now have to decide whether the six-year-old can be held legally responsible for her actions.
None of those involved have been named under strict Austrian privacy laws.
Source: Six-year-old girl sued over Austria skiing accident - Telegraph...
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Criminal charges against Caitlyn Jenner in fatal accident investigation ‘not likely’

It is unlikely criminal charges will be filed against Caitlyn Jenner for her role in a fatal car accident in February, it has been claimed.

The LA district attorney is currently reviewing a county sheriff report regarding the accident, which claimed the life of Kim Howe, 69, and injured Jessica Steindorff.

The reality star was driving a Cadillac Escalade and towing a trailer carrying an off-road vehicle on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu when she rear-ended a Lexus being driven by Howe.

Source: Criminal charges against Caitlyn Jenner in fatal accident investigation 'not likely' | Daily Mail Online...
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When a car ‘crash’ isn’t an ‘accident’ — and why the difference matters

An "accident" is, by definition, unintentional. We accidentally drop dinner plates, or send e-mails before we're done writing them. The word also suggests something of the unforeseen — an event that couldn't have been anticipated, for which no one can be blamed. That second connotation is what irks transportation advocates who want to change how we talk about traffic collisions. When one vehicle careens into another or rounds a corner into a pedestrian — call it a "crash," they say, not an "accident." "Our children did not die in 'accidents,'" says Amy Cohen, a co-founder of the New York-based group Families for Safe Streets. Her 12-year-old son was hit and killed by a van on the street in front of their home in 2013. "An 'accident,'" she says, "implies that nothing could have been done to prevent their deaths." Earlier...
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£10,000 payout for motor cyclist injured after farmer left mud on road

A teenager who was injured when she was thrown from her motorcycle after a farmer left a country road covered in mud has been awarded £10,000 compensation. Carrie Dickinson was 16 when the accident happened just a few miles from her home in Belton nearly two years ago. She had left college early and visited her dad Garry, in nearby Epworth, before leaving to drop off her bike at her grandmother’s house about seven miles away. But mud left on the road, which is close to two local farmers’ fields, caused her wheels to lose grip and she lost control of the bike, resulting in her landing on her head and shoulder at the side of the road.
Although Miss Dickinson, now 18, was not knocked unconscious, she broke her collarbone, which...
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Preserving the Evidence in your personal injury claim

Your “personal injury claim” is for fair financial compensation for your losses.  I have given you advice, which looks more like medical and rehabilitation advice, that will keep those losses to a minimum.  Wouldn’t you want more losses so as to have a larger claim?  Heck no.  That’s about as ridiculous as hoping that your car sustains more damage so that the repair bill will be higher. Unfortunately, assessing your losses is not like assessing how much it will cost to repair your car.  The evidence of vehicle damage is right there to be seen.  Ten repair shops could each look at the same damaged vehicle and come up with similar assessments of the loss.  Your losses, i.e. your pain and other symptoms and how those symptoms have and are continuing...
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Documenting Your Personal Injury Claim

When building a personal injury claim case, documenting your case is extremely important. Collecting these important facts will help corroborate your claim and maximize your recovery. Here are some of the details that matter most: How the Accident Occurred You will need to document how the incident occurred. Start by filing a garda report, and by writing down every detail about how the accident happened. Be sure to get names and contact information from any witnesses present. You will also want to photograph or preserve physical evidence, including pictures of the vehicle showing the severity of the impact and the extent to which you were injured. Accident-Related Medical Care Be sure and obtain timely medical care and document your treatment fully and honestly. Never misrepresent or exaggerate the extent of your injuries to your...
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Dutch girl killed in bungee jumping accident

A 17-year-old Dutch woman has died while bungee-jumping in northern Spain.

It was the second fatal accident involving the sport in less than a month in Spain after 23-year-old British woman Kleyo de Abreu died after bungee-jumping from a bridge close to the southern city of Granada on July 21. Emergency medical services in the northern region of Cantabria said the woman died after falling 40 metres from a viaduct on the A8 highway near the town of Cabezon de la Sal. Source: Dutch girl killed in bungee jumping accident / Sunday World...
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False Whiplash Claim Footballer Ordered To Compensate Insurer

A footballer that made a false whiplash claim after a traffic accident then bragged about continuing to play on social media has been ordered by a court to compensate his insurer, reported. Semi-professional striker Gary Burnett – who at the time played for the eighth tier team Northwich Victoria – tried to claim £2,000 following a collision in a Mercedes-Benz Vito. The impact was at a drive-through restaurant in Birkenhead, in October 2013. No injuries were reported and the damage was minor. However, the part time window cleaner claimed that he could not play for weeks due to shoulder and neck injuries. Mr Burnett – who is 24 and now plays for Curzon Ashton in the National League North – took to Twitter the next day to highlight a forthcoming...
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Rise in whiplash claims pushes up car insurance premiums 

A jump in whiplash claims is continuing to inflate car insurance premiums.

Drivers are paying an average £367 a year, up 2.9 per cent on a year ago, industry figures show. They are just shy of their 2013 peak of £377 a year.

Prices are rising, despite efforts by insurers and the Government to crack down on bogus personal injury claims.

Source: Rise in whiplash claims pushes up car insurance premiums ...
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Pilot confirmed dead after display jet crashes at festival

A pilot has died in a horror air crash at a car festival organised by TV star Chris Evans in Cheshire today. News of the death came just a few hours after the crash happened. Images from the scene, at Carfest North at Oulton Park, show plumes of smoke rising from a field close to a wooded area just after 2pm. Posting to Twitter just moments after the crash, CarFest said: "We are sad to announce there has been a serious air incident off site at CarFest North. The emergency services are in attendance." After seeing the incident, one Twitter user said: “Feel sick. I just witnessed a plane crash at CarFest. Literally flew over my head and blew up on a ball of flames in a field.” Source: Oulton Park Carfest plane crash:...
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