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Girl sues Basketball Queensland over injury on slippery court

A YOUNG basketball player, whose hopes of playing in future Australian or European league games were shattered when she was injured on a slippery court, is suing Basketball Queensland. Peri Ewin, 21, played in a Brisbane Capitals women’s basketball team in a Queensland Basketball League competition game against Bundaberg Bears in 2012. Her claim says during a pre-game warm-up, Brisbane Capitals team members complained to a manager and coaches that the Bundaberg stadium court surface was slippery and hazardous. The coaches spoke to the Bundaberg Bears’ coach, who said he had cleaned the court surface that afternoon, and referees ruled the court was suitable for playing, it is alleged. Read the full article at source: Peri Ewin sues Basketball Queensland over injury on slippery court | The...
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€1.2 M Settlement Achieved in Birth Injury Claim

A 12-year-old boy has achieved financial settlement of his claims against Ireland’s Health Service Executive stemming from birth injuries he is alleged to have sustained at Kerry General Hospital in March of 2003. Jeremiah Daly and his mother had initiated a negligence lawsuit in which it was argued that the child’s delivery was poorly managed, leaving him with lasting disability and substantial, ongoing medical expenses. Though the plaintiff’s future needs will be assessed by Ireland’s High Court in six years, he has received an interim settlement disbursement that is the equivalent of approximately 1.2 million Euro.

Details of plaintiff’s birth injury claims

According to the complaint in this action, at the time of the plaintiff’s birth, he was subjected to prolonged fetal distress of a very serious nature after...
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Horrific drone accident destroys toddler’s eyeball

A horrific accident left a British toddler without an eye after a neighbor's drone crashed into the young child in his backyard. The neighbor, who is described as an experienced drone pilot, was flying in front of his own home, but lost control of the unit after its rotors clipped a tree. Guidelines from the Federal Aviation Administration in the US and the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK recommend against flying in populated areas and flying in a manner that might endanger others. But that leaves civilian pilots wide latitude to make judgement calls, and no laws appear to have been broken in the course of this incident. Both agencies are in the process of creating updated rules and regulations that would work to address the...
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Joey Essex claims he’s found God following a freak gym accident

Joey Essex has found God after being left with two crucifixes on his back following a freak gym accident.The former 'Only Way Is Essex' star accidentally hit himself with a skipping rope and thinks the cross-shaped marks left on his back could be a message from his late mother Tina who committed suicide when he was just 10 years old.Joey said:"I was skipping hard in the gym when I accidentally lashed myself. It drew blood and hurt."When I looked at the injuries I saw two big perfect crosses -- they are the crucifixes you get. Read the full story at source: Joey Essex claims he's found God following a freak gym accident |
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Facebook shows ‘strangers’ in fake crash a couple

30-year-old David Ward was the front seat passenger in an Opel Corsa which rear-ended the Volkswagen Passat 27-year-old Lynsey Ivory was driving. Ward and Ivory, of The Beeches, Clonshaugh, Priorswood, Dublin, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to attempting to dishonestly by deception cause a loss to FBD Insurance on dates between 22 July 2013 and 1 January 2014. Both claimed to be suffering injury from the collision but denied to gardaí, who arrived to investigate the crash, that they knew each other. They were transferred to hospital in the same ambulance during which they continued to pretend to be strangers. Both Ward and Ivory later submitted a personal injury claim to FBD Insurance during which they again denied knowing the occupants of the other vehicle. They both...
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Irish woman in horrific Australian farm accident when her hair got stuck in a conveyor belt

A YOUNG TIPPERARY woman is recovering in an Australian hospital after being involved in an accident on a farm in which her hair got stuck in a conveyor belt. Annie Dunne from Kilkeary was working on the farm in Shepparton East about 200km north of Melbourne when the accident happened. The young woman is believed to have been working on the farm as part of efforts to secure her second year visa. Applicants must work for at least 88 days in a regional area of Australia to secure a repeat visa. Dunne’s parents have flown out to Australia to be with her through her recovery and her friends have also set up a funding page to help cover costs. The page, which aims to raise $50,000, says...
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Yasmin Le Bon breaks shoulder in tuk-tuk accident

Yasmin Le Bon has broken her shoulder after being tossed off a motorised rickshaw in India where she was competing in a 350-mile charity trek for endangered animals. The supermodel was travelling on a motorised rickshaw in central India as she geared up for a 350-mile charity trek, but the vehicle hit a pothole causing her to sustain the injury as she was thrown onto the road. A source said: ''It was quite frightening. The roads aren't quite what we are used to and the tuk-tuk hit a hole and sent them flying out. ''Yasmin was quite badly hurt. She broke her shoulder and was in quite a lot of pain.'' The 51-year-old star - who was one of the highest earning models in the 1980s - was...
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Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland Baldwin may have broken law with tattoo

Ireland Baldwin may be the latest member of the Baldwin family on the wrong side of the law. The New York Daily News reports the 20-year-old model daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger is suspected of giving illegal tattoos. She recently shared photos on Instagram revealing she got new ink on her wrist at New York's West 4 Tattoo -- and returned the favor to a tattoo artist named Jon Boy. Baldwin is seen holding a needle gun and tattooing "L.A." in the style of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team's logo on Boy's wrist. On his social media page, he called her a "young grasshopper," suggesting she's not experienced -- or licensed. According to the Daily News, it's illegal in New York to...
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Is my personal injury claim in trouble if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Road Traffic AccidentIf you are injured as a result of the negligence of someone else, whether your injuries arise from a car accident, slip and fall, physical assault or a defective product, one issue that often arises in the pursuit of a personal injury claim is whether you have any injuries or medical conditions that existed prior to the event that gave rise to your personal injury claim.

If you do have pre-existing  injuries or a pre-existing medical condition of some kind, your personal injury claim will have a layer of additional complexity.

This is due, at least in part, to the fact that the insurance company that is likely defending the claim may try and argue...

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Where there’s no will, there’s still a way to find heirs to estates

The work of a probate genealogist, for those who haven’t seen the programme, involves tracing missing or unknown beneficiaries to a person’s estate when that person has died intestate, without making a will.

Padraic Grennan, business development manager with the company, says that although there is much overlap in cases in the UK and Ireland, there is differing legislation and crucial differences in the way the State handles intestate cases here.

In the UK, the Bona Vacantia, a list of unclaimed estates, is published by the treasury. Probate genealogists work from it, often racing to be the first to find the heirs. No such list is published in Ireland.

If a person dies intestate here, his or her estate is supposed to...

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