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Brain-injured skydiver claims he was told jump was safe

A SKYDIVER who was brain injured after landing head-first on a bitumen road claims he was given the go-ahead to jump well away from a safe landing zone. Matthew Lynam, 30, has lost the use of parts of the left side of his body and has been unable to work since the 2011 skydiving accident at Tully in north Queensland. Mr Lynam was given the green light to jump at 14,000 feet, when the Cessna C208 ­aircraft was about 2.5km off the approach route line or away from the drop zone, it is alleged. The novice skydiver had been involved in a four-person team jump during the Go Troppo Boogie skydiving event at Tully on September 17, 2011. He had to dodge trees and powerlines because he could...
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Correlation between a Slow Economy & Personal Injury Claim

When difficult economic times take hold of a country, many businesses take a nose dive. However, this isn’t necessarily true for the personal injury (PI) industry. There are many factors that can contribute to a rise in Personal Injury claims and not all of these are down to the alleged ‘compensation culture,’ which has been stigmatised in the media.

Financial Difficulties

Injuries are expensive, in time off work and a variety of other variables. During tough economic times, people can’t afford these salary-leeches. Whereas people may otherwise dismiss a minor injury, now there’s a trend towards claiming compensation. Why? Because these people are struggling financially and personal finances are a concern. If someone on a low salary has been in an...
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Fraudulent injury compensation claims

"There has been a move over the past few years to make claiming compensation for whiplash injuries almost impossible.  The driving force, to pardon the pun, has come from the insurance industry which claims they have been paying out far too much money to claimants who suffer whiplash as a result of road traffic accidents.  They allege, amongst other things, that whiplash does not exist, that claimants exaggerate their injuries, that claimants falsely claim injury and, at the extreme, that the accident either did not happen or was staged so as to fraudulently claim compensation for personal injury. You do not have to work within the personal injury sector or insurance industry to...
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Michael Schumacher leaves hospital nine months after accident

Michael Schumacher has left hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, nine months after suffering a life-threatening injury in a skiing accident. Schumacher’s manager, Sabine Kehm, said in a statement that the former Formula One world champion would continue his rehabilitation at home but faced “a long and difficult road ahead”. “Considering the severe injuries he suffered, progress has been made in the past weeks and months,” Kehm said. “We would like to extend our gratitude to the entire team at CHUV Lausanne [university hospital of Lausanne] for their thorough and competent work.” Schumacher’s move should not be interpreted as a sign of massive changes in his health status, the statement said without providing further details. On 29 December, the seven-times world champion hit his head on a rock while skiing...
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Injury law is about people not profit

Sean O'Brien - O'Brien Ronayne Solicitors TallaghtI am promted to write this small piece about my concerns about conditional fee agreements which are otherwise known as "no win, no fee". The people who instruct me to act on their behalf in a personal injury claim have often suffered terrible injuries which they may have to cope with for the rest of their lives. They might need ongoing specialist care or treatment and may no longer be able work. In the past month alone O'Brien Ronayne has secured considerable sums of compensation on behalf of clients who had been injured in accidents through no fault of their own.

We test every case.

We rigorously test every case because if it's found...
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Actress Molly Glynn Dies In a Tragic Accident

'Chicago Fire' Actress Molly Glynn Dies In a Tragic & Terrifying Accident | Bustle

In a tragic accident that took place on Saturday, actress Molly Glynn of Chicago Fire has died. The 46-year-old, who was known for her recurring role as a doctor on Chicago Fire, and for films like No Sleep ‘til Madison and In America, was riding her bike with her husband, actor Joe Foust, in the Erickson Woods Forest Preserve when a tree fell on her at approximately 3:45 p.m. The actress was brought to Evanston Hospital after the accident but died from her injuries, according to New York Daily News. This is the second death of an actor during what turned out to be a deadly storm in the area. Not long...
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Father-of-five crushed in latest farming accident

A father-of-five has died following a farm accident in Co Clare, the second in the county in a fortnight. Gerry O’Connell, 57, was found dead under his tractor near a shed adjacent to the church and graveyard at Ballyea, shortly before 10pm on Wednesday. It is understood Mr O’Connell was last seen alive at around 7pm when he left his home to move cattle from his uncle’s land to sloblands close to the Shannon Estuary. It is believed he had been moving cattle from a shed into a trailer when he was crushed by a tractor just 700 metres from his home. One local said: “This is a terrible tragedy and the family is devastated. One of the girls (daughter) had been up around 9pm when there was...
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Most shocking Ice Bucket Challenge fail leaves mum with suspected broken neck

A beauty salon boss was knocked out cold and left with a suspected broken neck when her Ice Bucket Challenge went badly wrong. Amanda Davey got a drenching from mum Irene Vitali as she took part in the worldwide internet craze. Like many participants who run from the camera after the soaking, the 40-year-old sprinted into the kitchen, laughing and in shock from the freezing water. But the mum-of-two slipped on the floor, landing completely on her head, and was knocked unconscious. When Amanda came round, her speech was slurred and so her family rushed her to hospital. Medics who examined the businesswoman's black and blue scalp said she had been very lucky not to break her neck. Amanda was left with severe whiplash and heavy bruising. Full story courtesy of ...
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Doctors and surgeons ‘cause the most car crashes’

The worst drivers for causing crashes are doctors and surgeons, according to an analysis of two million insurance claims in Britain which reveals an extraordinary concentration of problem driving among healthcare professionals. The analysis, by, found surgeons and GPs are nearly 100 times more likely to cause an “at-fault” crash while driving than a building society clerk. For every 1,000 surgeons who drive a car, 361 made an at-fault claim in the past five years, compared to just 3.5 building society clerks, the research found. But it’s not just doctors who are a danger on the roads. The figures show that of the top 10 occupations registering an at-fault claim were all, bar one, connected to the healthcare profession – including district nurses, community...
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