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Accident During Comic-Con Zombie Walk Stirs Controversy

A 64-year-old woman was struck by a car during a zombie walk Saturday evening near the site of Comic-Con International 2014, according to local California station Channel 5 KTLA news. Initial reports claimed that the driver and his family, who are all deaf, had lost their composure due to the walkers who, dressed up as zombies, starting banging on the car and even smashing the windshield, causing the driver to get away as fast as possible, striking and severely injuring a lady before turning himself into authorities. As the news slowly starting coming out, it was stated that the lady was one of the walkers who had taken part of hitting the car. It was believed that there were no charges to be filed. Initially the incident appeared to be...
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Aviva’s Plan to Clean Up the UK Car Insurance Business

At last an insurer has come up with a solid plan to clean up the UK car insurance business of all the parasites who feed off it and thereby put up our insurance premiums. Aviva has calculate that UK motorists could benefit from a £1.4 billion cut in their motor insurance costs, saving £50 on the average annual premium, if devious motor claims practices were tackled. Aviva’s report, ‘Road to Reform: Tackling the UK’s Compensation Culture’ calls for three amin reforms that will cut costs and improve services for Britain’s insured drivers: 1: Compensate minor, short-term personal injuries in road 'accidents' with rehabilitation only. Insurers would arrange and pay for the customer’s rehabilitation, regardless of whether the customer is at fault or not. Cutting cash compensation for...
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Cyclist films his own road accident, miraculously saves life (Video)

"The second time I rode into London in an effort to gain some fitness, rather than take the train, ended like this," says YouTube user cyclejack. "This" being an idiot in a car deciding to ignore him, ramming and sending him and his bicycle into the air. Miraculously, he wasn't injured, just bruised. I was travelling around 22mph through Romford. Drizzly conditions so I was being cautious around bends and roundabouts. I didn't expect this! I just about got my hands to the brakes (it can just be seen on the frame before impact) but I had no chance of stopping. I'm not quite sure how I wasn't seen. I'm over 6ft and was wearing a bright blue jacket. If I was seen then it's a very...
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The Importance of Hiring a Personal Injury Solicitor

Serious car accidents require the involvement of an personal injury solicitor to handle the insurance companies and court proceedings. An experienced personal injury solicitor will have the knowledge and skill to handle all aspects of your accident claim. It is highly advisable to hire a personal injury solicitor if involved an accident because:
  • A personal injury solicitor analyzes and develops a planned strategy about how to proceed with your accident claim.
  • An personal injury solicitor can help you get paid for present and future medical expenditures.
  • A personal injury solicitor can help you recover property damage expenses incurred in the accident.
  • We can...
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Infant left bleeding on road after rollover accident

Authorities are searching for a man who is accused of abandoning an injured infant at the scene of a rollover accident Sunday night in Montgomery County, the Texas Department of Public Service said. The crash happened around 10:30 p.m. in northern Montgomery County. "They did a slide deal and hit that mailbox," said Marshall Davis, who lives nearby. "That car flipped over a couple of times and landed right here." "We heard a loud boom," said David Davis, Marshall's dad. "There was a lot of dust, and I saw a guy running past my shop with a red hoodie on — running full speed." They rushed to the scene and found a baby lying face down in the road and bleeding. "The baby was obviously not strapped in. He...
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My farm accident recollection – Justin McCarthy

Very few of us have any right to throw the first stone when it comes to farm safety. At some point we have all had that sick feeling in the pit of the stomach or the cold shiver that instantly engulfs the body when we realise how close we were to something going wrong. Unfortunately, I have had first-hand experience of being involved in a serious farm accident. In my teenage years, I came within six inches of taking my younger sister’s life, having run over her with the front wheel of a tractor. Over 20 years on, I can still recall the incident as if it happened yesterday. The feeling of getting down from a tractor not knowing the fate of...
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New laws to stop personal injuries claims firms giving away tablet PCs

Courts will also be given powers to refuse compensation for personal injuries claimants who have been dishonest in their Compensation Claims. The measures, announced by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), are among several aimed at reducing insurance fraud. Justice secretary Chris Grayling has warned insurance companies he expects the reforms to lead to lower premiums. The MoJ is promising to legislate for the changes before the end of the current Parliament in May 2015. If the plans become law, claims firms will no longer be able to offer potential clients free gifts, such as tablet computers, or cash. 'Compensation culture' New rules on whiplash claims come into force in October At least one firm in the UK advertises a "free iPad" to clients whose claim is...
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Understand Product Liability Law to Increase Your Personal Injury Compensation

Although those are common ways in which millions of us become injured every year, many of us are also suffering at the hands of the items we bring into our home that have become faulty and malfunctioned in such a way that they cause us an injury. It’s even been suggested that this could be one of the reasons why commercial insurance rates are rising, due to them having to pay out for personal injuries on behalf of the company at fault. Unfortunately, many of us don’t understand the product liability law which can work to protect you and earn you the compensation you deserve after being injured by a faulty item in your home. Below we’ve detailed the three...
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How accident helped sprinter go even faster

A year and a half ago, sprinter Kyle Webb was in hospital, fearing his track days might be over. A motorcycle accident in Southampton left him with a lacerated liver and kidneys, and a punctured lung. But his superb performance at the CAC Junior Championships in Mexico last week confirmed his athletics comeback. The 19-year-old smashed the Bermuda junior 100m record in Morelia, clocking 10.54 seconds in qualification. “I knew something was on when I was warming up,” he told the Sun, adding that a pep talk from coach Troy Douglas had filled him with belief. “He knew my race plan — he knows my race before I do!” He then collected a bronze in the finals, running 10.55, despite tweaking his hamstring during...
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Business owners blamed for compensation cases

Business owners are falling down on the job of ensuring their premises are safe — causing customers to suffer a similar fate. The Injuries Board directed the payment of just under €44m compensation in public liability cases last year, the majority for injuries suffered in slips, trips and falls in public places. Common causes included wet floors and other poorly maintained surfaces and often the accidents happened in supermarkets, sports clubs, gyms, cinemas and hairdressers. Stephen Watkins, corporate services director at the Injuries Board, said the trend should serve as a warning to business people and others responsible for maintaining public areas. “A lot of the claims we get are for accidents that you could say are preventable. It’s fairly basic stuff a...
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