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Company fined for breaching health and safety laws

A TRAGIC INCIDENT in which a bus flipped onto its roof, resulting in the death of a student and injuries to others, led to a company being fined for breaching health and safety laws.The Health and Safety Authority said that a fine of €25,000 was imposed on O’Reilly Commercials Ltd today by Judge Heneghan in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.O’Reilly Commercials Ltd was found guilty of a breach of health and safety legislation and was convicted by a jury of contravening Section 7 1 of the Safety, Health and Welfare Act of 1989. It breached the act in failing to conduct its undertaking to ensure that persons not in its employment, who may be affected, were not exposed to risks to their safety, said...
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Real Estate and Construction in Ireland

Some Topical Issues In Construction Law - Real Estate and Construction - Ireland

Construction litigation is complex. Not only are lawyers heavily reliant on expert reports but there are legal defences that will be raised which must be overcome before those reports even become relevant. Firstly, it might be argued that the claim is statute barred. Proceedings are often issued after 6 years of the building works having been completed or the certificate of compliance from the architect having been signed. Therefore the issue of latent defects arises. Secondly, the defence might be raised that there is no liability for economic loss in the law of negligence. If that defence is successful and the plaintiff has no contract with that defendant, the case will not succeed. Thirdly, some...
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Car seat insert enhances safety for infants

Research into an infant car safety seat insert has highlighted the importance of not leaving infants to sleep in their car safety seat. It’s already known that in the first few months of life, even full term infants restrained in their car safety seats often have brief periods of low oxygen saturation, says lead researcher, Dr Christine McIntosh, from the Department of Physiology at The University of Auckland. “Babies’ heads usually slump forward when they fall asleep in their seats. We wanted to find out whether an insert that allows the infant head to rest upright in sleep could improve safety by reducing periods of low oxygen,” she says. Read more about how Car seat insert enhances safety for infants via Car seat insert enhances safety...
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The rise of safety innovations in intelligent mobility

In the years since Karl Benz invented the modern auto-mobile in 1885, energy and safety have emerged as two long-standing themes, central to the automotive industry.1 With respect to energy, the increasingly urgent challenge has been to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions on the environment and to ameliorate resource depletion, either by using less fuel or through alternative energy sources. We have seen the emergence of a series of “next generation” vehicles, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric, and fuel cell vehicles, that embody the pursuit of these goals.However, to associate next-generation vehicles only with such energy-related innovations is to understate the developments underway with regard to mobility. Safety innovations are also an essential and perhaps equally rich avenue of development, important for...
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explosive device found under car in Tallaght

AN ARMY BOMB disposal team was deployed to a house in Tallaght last night to make safe a viable device found under a vehicle.Gardaí were called to a private residence in the Glenshane area of Jobstown following the discovery of the suspicious object.The Defence Forces arrived on the scene at 9.25pm and traffic restrictions were put in place for public safety. A number of houses in the nearby region were also evacuated. via Viable explosive device found under car in Tallaght ·
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Estate Planning: Making Sure Data Doesn’t Byte the Dust

Estate Planning in Cyberspace: Making Sure Data Doesn’t Byte the Dust | LegalTXTS

Ownership of contents of online email account gets called into question after account owner dies — Ajemian v. Yahoo!, Inc., 987 N.E.2d 604 (Mass. Ct. App. May 7, 2013) Who owns the data in an online account after the account owner dies?  It’s a question that’s growing in importance as online email accounts become commonplace and cloud storage services like DropBox and Google Drive gain users.  A Massachusetts court faced that question in Ajemian v. Yahoo!, Inc., but left it unresolved. In Ajemian, an individual (Robert) opened a Yahoo! email account for the primary use of his brother, John.  Robert shared the account as a co-user.  Several years after Robert opened the account, John...
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