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Enhanced Seat Belt Design

Enhanced Seat Belt Design Will Help Prevent Injuries to Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have traditionally been on the lower end of the scale as far as seatbelt usage rates are concerned.  That is because many women find it uncomfortable to wear conventional seatbelts which are designed for an adult body that does not have a baby growing inside of it.  That could soon change.  Researchers have developed a seatbelt model that is specifically designed to adapt to the body of a pregnant woman.
Scientists at the Loughborough University in England have developed what they call the “Seat Belt Plus.”  This seatbelt was designed after 10 years of extensive study.  The researchers collaborated with car experts and also worked...
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What is a Settlement?

Compensation and SettlementPersonal injury actions proceeding through the Court system can take many months or even years, but most personal injury cases never reach Court at all. Instead, Solicitors will often strive to settle a case in most instances, depending on the details of the case, out of court. A settlement can also mean that one can avoid many of the expenses of witnesses and other experts involved in your case. The Defendant, through their solicitor, may offer an amount of money which if accepted could satisfy the claimants' claim, eliminating the need for a court appearance at all.


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Son accused of attack on his mother(73)

A man has appeared in court accused of assaulting his elderly mother at their home at St Mary's Road, Crumlin on August 14. Joseph Clarges (37) was granted bail on condition he attend for psychiatric assessment and lives at a south Dublin health centre while his case is before the courts. The gardaí told Dublin District Court he arrested the defendant and brought him to Crumlin Garda Station, Mr. Clarges made no reply to the charge. The garda said Clarges lived with his mother at their home address and objecting to bail. They said that the accused suffered from a medical condition and their fear was that if Clarges returned to the family honme there he would harm his mother. Defence solicitor Caitriona Keane said the accused had nowhere else to stay and did...
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Man charged with murder in front of partner and son

A 29-year-old man was charged with the murder of a father in front of his partner and young son in Dublin three years ago. Eugene Cullen, of Derry Road Crumlin, appeared in Dublin District Court and was remanded in custody to appear again at Cloverhill District Court on Tuesday Next. He is charged with the murder of Shay O'Byrne, a 27-year-old who was shot dead in the driveway of his home at Tymon Park North in Tallaght in March 2009. His partner, Sharon Rattigan, was also shot in the leg during the attack. Detective Garda Colin Rochford told Judge Bryan Smyth at Dublin District Court that a warrant for his arrest had been issued in March. Mr Cullen was brought to Tallaght...
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Businessman gets six months in jail for sexual assault

A successful Dublin businessman who rugby tackled a woman to the ground and sexually assaulted her as she walked home at night, has been jailed for six months. Aviation broker Anthony Lyons, aged 53, of Griffith Avenue has also been ordered to pay €75,000 compensation to his 27-year-old victim who he attacked on October 3, 2010. Mr Lyons's victim was walking along a North Dublin Street in the early hours when she was grabbed by the businessman, pushed towards a wooded area and sexually assaulted until a passer-by heard her screams and her attacker fled. The 53 year old has never denied that he was the perpetrator, but at his trial he argued that his new cholesterol medication was to blame and that he had been overcome by an irresistible urge. The jury rejected...
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Alan Shatter proposes referendum on courts overhaul

The Justice Minister Alan Shatter is proposing a referendum to overhaul the courts. Mr Shatter said the plans, approved by Cabinet, include a move to amend article 34 of the Constitution, in order to allow the Oireachtas to establish a Court of Civil Appeal and new family courts. He is also in favour of changes to procedures under Article 26 which allows a President to refer a bill to the Supreme Court, in order to test its constitutionality. Minister Shatter announced the plans at the launch of the Courts Service Annual Report....
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Drug was de-listed, detention challenged

Detention ChallengedThe High Court is to conduct an inquiry into the legality of detaining a former postman who pleaded guilty to having cocaine and ephedrine for sale and supply. Alan Browne of Donomore Park in Tallaght was jailed for 4 years last November but it has since become clear that ephedrine is no longer a controlled substance. Mr. Browne pleaded guilty to one count of having €76,000 worth of cocaine and ephedrine tablets for sale or supply at his home on January 28th last year. He has spent the last 7 months in jail but his detention is being challenged because it has emerged ephedrine was not a controlled substance at the time of the supposed crime. It was de-listed in and around late 2009 early...
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Baby Steps

NAMAThe news that  NAMA has introduced a house sales product designed to protect purchasers from further falls in house prices has to be welcomed. Whilst the proposed scheme, which essentially protects purchasers from a fall in house prices of up to 20% over next five years is not without flaws, it is a step in the right direction. It would seem to me to be designed to appeal to first-time buyers as opposed to those currently in difficulty with their mortgages for whom a solution will have to be found. For the NAMA products to work the banks will have to lend and the test will be whether the banks are willing to begin to...
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Gardai seek help in finding missing Tallaght girl

Gardai are currently searching the for a missing 18 year old girl who was reported missing by staff from Focus Ireland on the 22 April last.

Gardai seek help in finding missing Tallaght girl

Gardai seek help in finding missing Tallaght girlAmy Hayes Rice is originally from Tallaght, but has been staying at an address on the Neilstown Road, Clondalkin for the last number of months. Gardai from Ronanstown have been liaising with the girl’s family, the HSE, friends and acquaintances in attempts to locate her. Amy is described as being 5’1” tall, approximately 9 1/2 stone, slight build, with long auburn hair and speaks with a Dublin accent. She was last seen wearing a black string top and blue jeans...
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What is a Solicitor?


  1. A person who tries to obtain business orders, advertising, etc.; a canvasser.
  2. The chief law officer of a city, town, or government department.
Sean O'Brien - O'Brien Ronayne Solicitors TallaghtSean O'Brien is the founder and partnet of a team of solicitors in Tallaght; but what exactly is a solicitor, what do they do and how can they help you? Despite most Irish towns having at least one firm of solicitors, many people are unclear as to why we're here and what we can offer. You'll also hear us referred to as lawyers and there are two types of lawyer: solicitors and barristers. A barrister is a legal professional who represents you in court....
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